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The Director's Guide to Observability: Leveraging OpenTelemetry for Success

Harness the power of observability and OpenTelemetry


Are you an OpenTelemetry user? Do you wish you were?

The rapid pace of innovation in software design, development, and deployment has enabled teams to build faster, more responsive, and more differentiated software than ever before. However, this innovation has not come for free: software systems are more complex than ever. It’s no surprise that managing this complexity has become the single biggest priority of engineering teams.

OpenTelemetry, the open source observability framework for collecting and managing telemetry data, has become one of the most popular open source projects in the world and is a must-have to solve for these challenges.

Key learning points

  • Why observability is the foundation of complex systems
  • What the building blocks of observability are
  • How observability and OpenTelemetry work together
  • How OpenTelemetry speeds adoption of observability 2.0