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The Five Characteristics of a Good SLO

Service-level objectives (SLOs) can ensure the health of your distributed production systems, lower alert-fatigue, and deliver better customer experiences- when implemented correctly.  

SLOs have become popular as an alternative to traditional alerting models because they focus on issues that impact users, instead of focusing on noisy symptoms. However, much of the value of SLOs can get lost depending on how they’re implemented. Since SLOs are fast becoming a de facto standard with SREs – we created this guide introducing you to how SLOs should work with observability tools.

Download this guide today to learn:

  • What SLOs are and how they work
  • Why SLOs work better with observability and how to ensure effective implementation
  • 5 characteristics to look for in an SLO
  • And, how companies like Hello Fresh, Babylon, and Honeycomb leverage the power of SLOs to build better customer experiences.