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Upleveling Engineering Productivity with Observability

Broken code, incidents, and anomalies will always happen in modern software; observability differentiates how they’re handled and the outcome. Teams that bake observability into their software discover a fundamentally different and better way to build, manage, and fix it due to a shift in the process and culture of maintaining distributed and complex systems.

It’s no longer about predicting what might happen based on historical context and more about having all the necessary context to understand why and what is happening in your system right now. While it may feel perfectly normal to spend hours or even days trudging through log history or looking to dead-end dashboards to isolate the source of an issue, there is, in fact, a better and more productive way—observability.

In this guide, we’ll answer exactly how by walking through the ways observability can promote a high-performance engineering culture through increased productivity and foster increased happiness and satisfaction across teams. Leaders, observability champions, and platform teams have the opportunity to increase the capabilities of a whole department or company.

Whether you’re starting your observability journey or already moving forward, download this guide to influence a culture of observability throughout your organization.