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Your Systems Can Now Tell You Where Problems Lurk


The hard part of distributed systems is rarely debugging the code, it’s locating the code you need to debug in your large, far-flung, dynamic system. Are you dealing with one problem? Two problems? Or a perfect storm of twenty colliding factors? What if you could instantly know that your recent latency spike is only for Android devices, hitting the login page, with a particular feature flag set?

Honeycomb’s latest releases help you uncover those mysteries intuitively — through visual debugging and machine analysis.

Honeycomb CTO and cofounder, Charity Majors, Director of Solutions Architects, Pierre Tessier, and special customer guest Zach McCoy from Jack Henry present a technical session. You’ll see a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive investigation workflow that takes you from alert to isolating problematic code in seconds, leveraging:

- Honeycomb’s new, debuggable, infinitely-filterable Service Map where you can go from the Map to granular distributed traces all from the same UI and without losing context. - Enhanced BubbleUp capabilities where you can see instantly what is different about problematic data vs baseline, whether it is different in one way or twenty ways -

Observability is the emergent state of a comprehensible system, where even unknown unknowns yield willingly to understanding. It’s like being able to flip directly to the end of a mystery novel. Spoiler: the butler did it.