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Everything you need for production excellence at scale. Enroll in our 14-day trial to explore:

  • Access to 100 active, debuggable Service-Level Objectives (SLOs) that tell you, within a single interface, what critical customer experience issues are happening and how to fix them
  • Enterprise-scale features including hundreds of triggers and our Query Data API. Set alerts when your data reaches an important threshold and get query results anywhere you need them for easier reporting, not just within our UI
  • Refinery, that lets you choose what events to observe to achieve high-fidelity debugging while controlling costs
  • Expert training and support options that accelerate your org’s ability to find and resolve critical issues, based on best practices built by our own production engineering team and by working with hundreds of customers

If you are new to Honeycomb, we can also help with instrumentation options (like OpenTelemetry’s various packages) that get you started quickly, while we enable the Enterprise trial.