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Frontend Engineering Manager

Full-stack engineer with a focus on front-end development. I’m comfortable working in older front-end frameworks (does anyone remember Mako or Go templates?) and in legacy code bases, as well as learning new javascript frameworks and jumping in wherever needed to get the job done (that’s how I wound up being the engineer in charge of a SAML integration at a previous company, or how I wound up writing our original OpenTelemetry Exporter at Honeycomb).


My Time As An Employee Board Member (The Weirdest Skip-Level)

In January 2022, Honeycomb kicked off a one year experiment to have an employee sit as a voting board member on the board of directors....

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Using Honeycomb to remember to delete a feature flag

Feature flags are great and serve us in so many ways. However, we do not love long-lived feature flags. They lead to more complicated code,...

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OpenTelemetry vs OpenTracing | Understanding OpenCensus and Related Terms

There’s been a fair bit of buzz lately about OpenTelemetry, which is the next major version of the OpenTracing and OpenCensus projects. The leadership of...

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Collaboration with OpenCensus: A new way to get traces into Honeycomb

Okay, the cat was out of the bag when the PR merged -- Regardless, we're happy to announce the existence of the Honeycomb Exporter for...