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Michael Sickles

Staff Solution Architect

Michael started off in software engineering before making the jump into Sales Engineering. He comes from the APM space and likes to retain his developer centric mentality. His interests are in coding, coffee, video games, rock climbing, and D&D to which he proudly enjoys.


Effortless Engineering: Quick Tips for Crafting Prompts

Large Language Models (LLMs) are all the rage in software development, and for good reason: they provide crucial opportunities to positively enhance our software. At...


Import Datadog Traces Into Honeycomb

Getting existing telemetry into Honeycomb just got easier! With the release of the Datadog APM Receiver, you can send your Datadog traces to the OpenTelemetry...


OpenTelemetry Browser Instrumentation

One of the most common questions we get at Honeycomb is “What insights can you get in the browser?” Browser-based code has become orders of...