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Pierre Tessier

Director, Solution Architects

Pierre is a passionate engineer that loves to work with customers and prospects, to build better software. He’s committed to understanding the vast array of technology combinations that our customers use, and how to apply observability practices to them.

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Authors’ Cut—Actionable SLOs Based on What Matters Most

SLOs—or Service Level Objectives—can be pretty powerful. They provide a safety net that helps teams identify and fix issues before they reach unacceptable levels and...

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Infrastructure Observability with Resource Events

You may have seen the Honeycomb white paper on metrics, and want to use the power of Honeycomb with metrics. Sending infrastructure metrics data to...

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HoneyByte: Kubernetes + Honeycomb

The new Honeycomb Kubernetes agent is out! This post describes how infrastructure metrics contribute to observability, and then walks you through the steps to start...