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Instrumenting Lambda with Traces: A Complete Example in Python

We’re big fans of AWS Lambda at Honeycomb. As you may have read, we recently made some major improvements to our storage engine by leveraging...

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All Together Now: Better Debugging With Multiple Visualizations

"Nines don't matter when users aren't happy" is something you may have heard a time or two from folks here at Honeycomb. We often emphasize...

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Instrument Your Python App Automatically With The Honeycomb Beeline for Python

We've been on a roll this year with Beelines, our integrations for quick, easy, and automagic instrumentation of your apps. You may have already seen...

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Honeycomb goes Serverless: Send your app data without running agents

Serverless apps are growing in popularity, thanks to tools like AWS API Gateway and Lambda, and a growing number of powerful frameworks that simplify development...

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Resolving High CPU Usage in Kubernetes With Honeycomb

At Honeycomb, we’re excited about Kubernetes. In fact, we’re in the early stages of moving some of our services to k8s. Tools like kops have...