Happy o11ydays!

By Nick Rycar  |   Last modified on December 21, 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, the Honeycomb team is getting ready to take some time to recharge our collective batteries and get ready for the new year. For some of us, that means spending some well-earned time away from our keyboards. For others, it means we get to spend our computer time doing something just for fun.

If you’re in that second group of folks, we thought we’d share some of our fun with you: It’s the o11yday season, and Honeycomb has brought you all some goodies. We’ve got a bag full of stickers that we’d love to share with you. Here’s how it works:

Below you’ll find a list of #o11ydaytreats that give you some ideas about how to get started with Honeycomb, expand your existing observability setup, or share your experiences with the community. To get some kickass swag, complete one (or more) of the tasks below, and tag @honeycombio on Twitter or LinkedIn with something you learned (you can tell a story, post a screenshot, share a link—your choice) and the hashtag #o11ydaytreats, and we’ll reach out with the goods.

But wait, there’s more!

Everyone that partakes in the Happy #o11ydaystreats event will be entered for a chance to get a signed copy of Observability Engineering and have our own Charity Majors or Liz Fong-Jones come onsite for a strategy session with your team. The more tasks you complete, the more chances you have to win!

That’s all the deets. Now for the treats!


Spotlight: The Happy #o11ydaytreats app

Honeycomb Developer Advocate Jessica Kerr whipped up something special for us this year. The Happy o11ydays app teaches you some of the ins and outs of working with Honeycomb with a twist: you’re going to be making some chart art!

Check out the README for the details, and you’ll be off and running.

If you’d like a guided tour of the app (and don’t mind spoilers), Jessica put together a video walkthrough as well.

Get started with Honeycomb

  • Learn the ideal debugging workflow by completing our Sandbox tour (no signup or setup required)
  • Get the Honeycomb OTel demo running to get real-world implementation best practices in 11 languages
  • Get your Datadog traces into Honeycomb (or any OTel endpoint) with the Datadog APM receiver

Observe all the things

Spread the #o11ydaytreats cheer

  • Answer someone’s question in Honeycomb Pollinators, our community Slack

  • Share the biggest impact adopting Honeycomb has had for you and your team

    • Bonus: What advice do you have for teams just getting started?

So long, 2022…

…we’ll see you all in 2023. But don’t delay: get started on your tasks now to win swag and a chance to strategize with Charity or Liz. 

To review, in order to participate you'll need to:

  • Try out any of the items above
  • Tag us (@honeycombio) on Twitter or LinkedIn with the hashtag #o11ydaystreats and tell us what you learned
  • Repeat as many times as you'd like for more chances to win!

Happy o11ydays!


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