Our Favorite #chArt

By Rox Williams  |   Last modified on April 28, 2023

Heatmaps are a beautiful thing. So are charts. Even better is that sometimes, they end up producing unintentional—or intentional, in the case of our happy o11ydays experiment—art. 

Here’s a collection of our favorite #chArt from our Pollinators Slack community. Today would be a great time to join if you’re into good conversation about OpenTelemetry, Honeycomb-y stuff, SLOs, and obviously, art

The raincloud

Our Favorite #chArt: The Raincloud. This heatmap looks like a wonderful rainy day.

Pierre from Honeycomb posted this rain cloud. 

It’s raining just over your house

It’s raining just over your house

This reminds me of that scene in The Truman Show where the rain cloud literally follows Truman. Thank you Irving from Honeycomb for this submission!

Truman show gif: Rain cloud follows Truman wherever he goes.


Our Favorite #chArt: Sentience. This heatmap is trying to talk to Jean-Philippe.

“I think my heatmap is trying to become sentient and talk to me.” - Jean-Philippe Belanger. Not ominous or scary whatsoever. Nope.

Mountains—so peaceful

Our Favorite #chArt: The Mountain. A nice mountainous landscape by Sean Hood.

“We had this nice mountain scene the other day” - Sean Hood.

Abstract Art

Abstract art chart.

I’m pretty sure I made something similar when I first got a computer and discovered Microsoft Paint. Submitted by Blake Irvin.

Porg? Porg.

If we put a mouth on this one, it looks like a Porg!

Our Favorite #chArt: It's a Porg!

Submitted by Ryan King.


Heatmap unfortunately looks like the Predator.

Another great one from Blake Irvin! Can you see it? Just needs the creepy mouth. 


From Kesha Mykhailov: “Our front-end app versions in production—I think it’s beautiful.”

Otherworldly ocean waves. From Kesha Mykhailov: “Our front-end app versions in production—I think it’s beautiful.”

We think it’s beautiful too.

Haystack Rock

Our Favorite chArt: This chart looks like Haystack Rock, but flipped.

“Hey look, it’s Haystack Rock, but flipped!” - Irving from Honeycomb. 

The Cylon

Our Favorite ChArt: The Cylon.

Thank you to Oli Lane for this one!

Line ChArt

Line ChArt

Another shot from Irving. Swooning over the colors!


Honeycomb logo ChArt

Jessitron created the Honeycomb logo inside a heatmap and it is SO GOOD. 


Finally, my personal favorite, left without comment (except for: thank you Reid).

Force Lightning ChArt

That’s it for this year!

Hope you enjoyed this gallery of fine chArt. We’ll hopefully do this on a yearly basis, so if you want to participate and send some charts/heatmaps over, join us in our Pollinators Slack #chArt channel.

In the meantime, don’t forget that over the holidays, we released the happy o11ydays repo where you can generate your own cool wintery heatmaps!


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