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Dramatically speed up debugging by automatically detecting hidden patterns with BubbleUp

Automatically detect hidden outliers and discover correlations across metrics, logs, and traces.

Know what’s happening and who’s impacted, fast.

BubbleUp highlights anomalies across thousands of high-cardinality and high-dimensionality events and narrows problems down to their specific host, service, pod, database, or region—starting from nearly any query. Intuitive yet powerful, BubbleUp is an easy-to-grasp visualization tool, and any team member can quickly identify outliers for further investigation.

Honeycomb’s BubbleUp gives you confidence that you found the problem and that you’re smart enough to find more. You solve one thing that seemed intractable.

You realize you’re smarter than you thought you were with this new tool. The new confidence when building things is wonderful.

Ryan K.

Senior Staff Software Engineer

BubbleUp answers not just what’s wrong, but why

With Honeycomb, you’re no longer constrained by knowledge bottlenecks that go through senior engineers. BubbleUp’s visual search allows any engineer, no matter how tenured, to easily discover the contributing factors to incidents, poor performance, or other production issues.

While other observability tools require extensive knowledge about arcane query languages or dashboards, Honeycomb allows your whole team to investigate issues happening anywhere in your system. Highlight anomalies on any heatmap or query result and BubbleUp will analyze all dimensions automatically in order to surface interesting and useful insights. This not only dramatically speeds up debugging, but also incident resolution, as you can hone in on who’s impacted and why.

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