How the world's top engineering teams use Honeycomb

How the world's top engineering teams use Honeycomb

How the world's top engineering teams use Honeycomb

Our Customers

Our Customers

Our Customers

"The turnaround time from discovering an issue was happening to fixing the game was five to ten minutes. That wouldn’t have been possible without the visibility we had through Honeycomb."

Eric Lawless, Founder

HelloFresh, the world’s leading meal delivery company, needed to reduce production friction across a large number of separate development teams. By introducing observability with Honeycomb, HelloFresh was able to drastically cut the number of individual tools their platform teams were using and optimize productivity.

  • Replaced Graylog, Prometheus, StatsD, InfluxDB, Grafana, Jaeger, and Cassandra with single Honeycomb solution
  • Reduced cost and time spent on maintenance for tools that became obsolete once Honeycomb was introduced
  • Simplified production process and decreased developer friction with SLOs

“With Honeycomb we now have more capacity as a team to deal with challenges that come up, which is priceless.”

Renato Todorov, VP of Engineering

“We’re able to bring a different mentality in the way we run and manage our production systems. We were able to really help our engineering teams and change the culture.”

Rich Anakor, Chief Solutions Architect

Vanguard, one of the world’s largest and most recognized financial investment companies, needed to make a seamless migration to the cloud. Honeycomb helped provide a graceful lift and shift with BubbleUp to identify and research outliers and SLOs to make sure performance for their customers remained uninterrupted.

  • Lowered MTTR with code spanning on-prem, hybrid, and cloud environments
  • Accelerated and de-risked their monolith to microservices migration
  • Remediated ahead of customer impact with SLOs

Slack, one of the most widely used instant messaging programs in the world, was experiencing massive growth and with that growth came new challenges, particularly flaky tests. 
To solve the issue, Slack introduced Honeycomb to trace their CI logic.

  • Reduced flaky test rate from 50% to 5%
  • Cut their trace data latency down to under five seconds
  • Diagnosed and cleaned up their entire legacy CI infrastructure

“We implemented our first cross-service Honeycomb trace in the middle of the second day of a multi-day cascading failure incident. Two hours later, the incident was over–and the team could focus on fixing it and moving on.”

Frank Chen, Senior Staff Engineer

“What people really want is the ability to see different visualizations easily and quickly without having to hop through various tools. That’s what (Honeycomb) tracing gets us.”

Kesha Mykhailov, Product Engineer

Intercom, a global business messaging platform, was juggling multiple tools to ingest a large amount of telemetry data, so they decided 
to switch to Honeycomb and start incorporating observability into their development process. Engineering teams were able to make sense of vast sets of complex data in a single view.

  • Reduced the number of tools used by their engineering teams
  • Used tracing to better understand the systems each team owned
  • Began testing instrumentation before production to catch anomalies beforehand

As LaunchDarkly grew, their engineering teams struggled to keep up with the ever-increasing volume and high cardinality of their data stream. Honeycomb was able to provide the observability insight needed to dig into issues down to the individual customer level.

  • Gained visibility into individual customer behavior and feature adoption
  • Identified which services were negatively impacting their Graphite implementation
  • Identified and resolved an issue related to a bug in AWS ALB that was affecting customers

“We rely on Honeycomb to provide the world-class scale and resilience LaunchDarkly customers expect.”

Edith Harbaugh, Co-founder and CEO

“Honeycomb helps us with the forensics, when we want to know in real time what’s happening with the release and be able to see how everything is performing.”

Nick Herring, Technical Director 
of Infrastructure

CCP Games, the creators of the massive MMORPG EVE Online, needed to do a massive overhaul of their codebase without impacting their customers. With Honeycomb, they were able gain visibility into their systems, empowering their engineering team to successfully migrate without distribution.

  • Successfully migrated from bare metal infrastructure to Kubernetes containers
  • Utilized request-level granularity to stop bad actors
  • Launched Quasar, a brand new technology stack
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