Play with a Live Fastly Dataset

Send Data from Fastly, Answer Questions with Honeycomb

Explore a public, no-strings-attached version of Honeycomb
and see what it’s like to work with real-world Fastly data.

Play with a Live Dataset

Honeycomb has partnered with the fine folks behind RubyGems to offer a public dataset containing data collected via our new Fastly integration. Click through to explore traffic today and see how powerful Honeycomb can be when sent events rich with context relevant to your business.


With Honeycomb, answer questions like:

  • How important is caching for my service? How do differences in cache_status affect latency?
  • What does my overall traffic volume look like, and which content_types are being served most often? How do those types compare to those that take the longest to serve?
  • Do http2, IPv6, or TLS have a consistent impact on latency? What about for certain assets?
  • Have any unexpected request_user_agents been responsible for significant traffic lately?


Get started today: