Find issues before your users do

Find issues before your users do

Find issues before your users do

Too often, engineers discover production incidents are happening from unhappy customers reporting them online and not from their monitoring tools.

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Find the needle hidden in your software stack

With Honeycomb, you can quickly zero in on a single misbehaving service amid an ever-expanding sea of distributed architectures. Soon you’ll be able to find and resolve problems before they can impact your users.

  • Fast investigation, no dead-ends

    Flexible queries interrogate your telemetry, returning answers in seconds. Slice and dice performance data to discover issues hidden beneath the aggregate.

  • Zoom in on user experience

    Honeycomb shows you how individual users experience your services. Visualize environment-wide performance, isolate to a specific strategic customer, or anything in between.

  • Quickly solve edge cases

    Don’t waste time trying to (unsuccessfully) reproduce edge case issues for customers. Investigate individual user requests and see how your code actually behaves in the real world.

Honeycomb’s BubbleUp gives you confidence that you found the problem and that you’re smart enough to find more. This new confidence when building is wonderful.

Ryan K.

Senior Staff Software Engineer, Mode

The Honeycomb difference

Reduce noise and amaze your users

Knowing about issues quickly is good. Preventing them altogether is transformative. Service Level Objectives (SLOs) ensure service degradation is solved before it can become an incident.

Reliability doesn’t need to be heroic

Running production services doesn’t need to be a constant fire drill when even your highest cardinality attributes can be quickly analyzed. Give up the heroics. Make production improvements predictable, routine, and less stressful.

Democratize performance debugging

Honeycomb’s approach to data-driven debugging means that everyone on your team can find any issue fast. BubbleUp pinpoints anomalies such that anyone can find and squash issues, not just the most senior engineers.

Spend more time delivering innovation

Find the right answers so you can stop chasing mysterious bugs around a pile of technical debt. Spend more time creating new features.

Happier customers and healthier teams

Honeycomb is a people-first company and product. We help you build high-performing teams that deliver fast and reliable digital services. Reduce customer and team churn.

Observability powered by OpenTelemetry

Honeycomb is all-in on OTel. Full support for OTel traces, metrics, and logs in addition to a library of language SDKs to provide automatic baseline instrumentation.

NS1 was able to completely change their approach to customer satisfaction with Honeycomb. It’s not enough to resolve pain quickly when you can stop it before it starts.

  • Implemented SLOs to redefine their user experience expectations, and get immediate, granular performance feedback on each release.
  • Used markers to correlate trends with deployments, providing context into each change’s impact.
  • Honeycomb democratized the identification of issues. A subject matter expert is not required to identify and isolate problems in their domain.
read the case study
read the case study

“The SLOs we’re starting with from Honeycomb don’t represent customer pain if you violate them. Instead, they represent less customer joy than we intended.”

Nate Daly, Head of Architecture

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