Successfully launch your game and keep players playing

Get your biggest titles and features into players’ hands and get realtime insights to improve quality and engagement with Honeycomb’s observability capabilities.

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Confidently hit your ship date

Game development is the perfect execution of a million details—across design, artwork, front-end development, audio, backend services and systems, different device types. Bottlenecks and issues such as slow build processes, failures in load testing, and unexpected issues during beta testing add delays and risk. With Honeycomb you tame all of that complexity and de-risk your launch because you can quickly solve unpredictable issues as they occur. You know exactly where to fix your code, assets, and systems at every step of the development process. Read how CCP Games safely evolved Eve Online using Honeycomb.

There was no real way to find possible culprits with our classic APM. We had to know what we needed to find before we could find it—a dead end. I believe any company running a complex software stack would benefit from using Honeycomb.

David Laperle

Head Of Corporate Technologies

Turn player insights into greater engagement

With Honeycomb you have a single system that tells you what your players are doing as well as what your code and systems are doing. This helps product development and product management make real-time decisions on how to improve performance and how to increase player delight and engagement.