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Make Kubernetes monitoring costs predictable without sacrificing visibility

Is budget limiting your team’s insights into Kubernetes deployments?

The cost constraints associated with traditional application performance monitoring (APM) tools can restrict teams from ingesting the amount of telemetry data and custom metrics needed to adequately understand their apps—and the Kubernetes environment they run in. Honeycomb can help.

Grow your application without growing your monitoring costs

Unlike most APM tools, Honeycomb’s pricing scales predictably as the complexity of your Kubernetes clusters grows.

Get answers and alerts from attribute-rich wide events where any system complexity (pods, nodes, services, and HTTP calls) becomes contextual data for free.This allows more cost-effective scaling, ensuring that your Kubernetes observability costs don’t skyrocket as your system evolves.

Capture unlimited custom attribute values with no impact on your spend.

Pay by the number of events, not by the variance in 
your data.

Real-time analysis without the cost

Traditional APM workflows require pre-storing and indexing custom metrics as tags and facets, continually adding to your bill as your Kubernetes environments scale. 

Honeycomb eliminates these overages through real-time data retrieval from attribute-rich events analyzed by a highly-efficient parallelized query engine. Generate complex query results, graphs, and system alerts without pre-stored custom metrics, enabling more cost-conscious and dynamic observability for your team.

Eliminate traditional costs for pre-storing custom metrics by unifying workflows with real-time data retrieval.

Instrument your code with high-dimensionality data and high-cardinality values without incurring penalties.

Talk to our team to learn how you can reduce your Kubernetes monitoring costs

With Honeycomb, it’s not a case of keeping huge volumes of data in storage so your costs rise and you still need to keep more.

Cost is predictable; you know that you can rely on getting access to that one event or piece of raw data you need, so it’s more reliable.

Mike Atkins

Software Engineer

Identify root cause in your cluster or code—quickly

Honeycomb addresses the complexity of monitoring applications on Kubernetes by eliminating the disconnect that arises in modern, abstracted infrastructures with nodes and pods. By quickly identifying the root cause of application problems in either the cluster or application code, Honeycomb helps mitigate uncertainty for your team and fix application performance issues quickly.

Analyze application traces with full Kubernetes context, detecting patterns within seemingly anomalous events. 

Pinpoint root causes down to either application code or Kubernetes components.

Dive deeper into Honeycomb for Kubernetes

Instrument with OpenTelemetry, refined for relevance

Instead of saturating analysis with dense Kubernetes syntax, our refined instrumentation makes it easy to capture meaningful and actionable context for developers.

Human-driven, intuitive investigation

While most dashboards passively monitor clusters, Honeycomb supplements boards with a query-driven approach to pinpoint what’s wrong and how Kubernetes is involved.

Scale your cluster, not your bill

Traditional Kubernetes monitoring can be a nightmare for your bottom line as you constantly balance tradeoffs between sufficient pod visibility and per-host or per-metric billing.