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Powerful Query Delivers the Answers You Need = Debugging Faster in Production

Sure, every tool lets you query. But how well do they let you ask the questions you want to ask and surface the answers you need? Honeycomb’s rich query engine gives DevOps and SRE teams incredible flexibility to create new queries against current system data, search query history to gain the context of events (the “why?”), and seamlessly dive into tracing details. Share queries with team members to debug more efficiently. Everyone wins.

Co-founder and CTO, Charity Majors, says:
“We help you find the unknown-unknowns.”

Query Like Never Before

Blazing Fast

Query in real time over recent data for a quick snapshot of what’s happening now. Explore results, interact with charts, zoom in and out with access to raw event data.

Robust Features

Compare by time period: hour, day, week, or month. Bookmark, organize, and share queries to boost team knowledge and to replay debugging steps in the future.

The Right Answers

Pinpoint exactly where in your system the problem is occurring for more efficient debugging. Understand the context, the "why?", when you need it most.

Build Custom Queries Against High Cardinality Data

Visualize Event Counts

Observe with Heat-maps

"With old-school log search tools, you have a search box to find a needle in a haystack of log lines which is very difficult to make sense of. In contrast Honeycomb gives you neat piles of the right data that’s useful to solving the problem at that moment."

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Play with Honeycomb Query and Events

Check out our online sandbox instance of Honeycomb. Start exploring the query power and how easy you can debug with access to event data.

See a real-world outage experience (Honeycomb’s) and imagine the possibilities with your own system data.

Play with query and events - no login needed

Case Study: How Honeycomb Changed the Way Travis CI Operates

“So many questions that we were unable to explore in the past are now 3 clicks away. Queries that would take half an hour to run against our Postgres read-replica can now be run in seconds. Better yet, we get more insight into how our customers are using our product.”  —Igor Weidler, Infrastructure Operations, Travis CI

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Blog Highlights About Honeycomb Query

Query Collaboration

Learn ways to leverage Honeycomb’s collaboration features to distribute context from individual members of the team across your entire team. Great use cases include shared starting points and onboarding new team members.

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Search-First Costs

Unlike traditional "search-first" approaches, an “analytics-based” system ingests structured data and instantly provides the ability to query, perform mathematical comparisons, and provide visualizations to more easily spot trends, patterns, or outliers.

Analyze Not Search

New Query Updates

Learn about recent product features that enhance customizations and UI for building and sharing queries in Honeycomb.

Blog: Query Features