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Intro to o11y Topic 4: Connect Your App to Honeycomb


In this video, Developer Advocate Jessica Kerr explains how to connect your app to Honeycomb using an API key. 

You should expect to see your data in Honeycomb in five seconds or less once this process is complete. If you don’t, move on to the o11y Topic 5: Troubleshooting.

Note: This video shows a sample app called Sequence of Numbers. If you would like to download and follow along, you can do so using the process from Intro to o11y Topic 3. If you need help getting your Honeycomb API key, check out o11y Topic 2.


Jessica Kerr [Developer Advocate|Honeycomb]:

Remember that API key you got from your Honeycomb account? We need to put it in an environment variable called HONEYCOMB_API_KEY. One system-agnostic way to do this is to add it to a file called .env. There’s no .env file in this project: it contains secrets, so we have git ignore it. Instead, copy .env.example to .env. Then open .env and fill in these blanks. Paste your API key here.

By the way, this works because we bring in the .env library first thing when this program starts. That reads the .env file into environment variables in the program’s environment. Okay, I’m gonna stop the app and start it up again. Now I open the Sequence of Numbers app at localhost:3000 and I hit go and stop to generate some numbers and make some data. Do that a couple of times, and then it’s time to go over to Honeycomb and see what we have.