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Intro to o11y Topic 2: Get Your Honeycomb Team

March 17, 2022



The first step to observability is to copy an application and link it to your Honeycomb account. To link them, we’ll need an API key from Honeycomb. Developer Advocate Jessica Kerr walks you through that process here.

Depending on your starting point, follow one of these:

I Need A Honeycomb Account

I Have a Honeycomb Account

I Am Ready With a Honeycomb Account and Team


Jessica Kerr [Developer Advocate|Honeycomb]:

I Need a Honeycomb Account: 

I start at, and click on Get Started in the upper right. I could sign up with Google. Today, I’ll enter my name and email, and click again to continue.

It wants to send a confirmation link. Okay, so I find that link in my email, and click it or paste it into my browser. Now it’s time to enter a nice secure password which I have generated and saved in my password manager.

Okay, I’m in. What is this screen? Well, Honeycomb is all about teams, so I need to create one. I’ll give it a name and push “Next” and now I’m ready to send data to Honeycomb. Here is the API key I need. I copy it with this copy button.

I have a Honeycomb account

In this video, we will create a new team and get its API key. I start by logging in to Honeycomb. From there, I click on my name in the bottom left. From the popup menu, pick “My account.” Now on the left, it’s time to choose “your teams” Below the teams you already have is “Create team.”

Here’s a new name, I put it in the box. Click create, and OK, I’m back here. Am I working in the new team now? I’d better click on my account name or picture again. This tells me my current team. Oh no, that’s the old team still. Okay. Choose “switch teams” and pick the new team.

Hmm, it took me to some team settings. Is it the right team? Let’s check. Click on my name again. Ah-ha, this looks right! I’m in the new team. I could get the API key from my team settings, or I could choose to click on the Honeycomb logo to get to the home page and find it here. Copy it.

I am ready with a Honeycomb account and team

Given that I’m logged in to Honeycomb and in the team I want to use, here are a few ways I can  get an API key. If I haven’t sent data to this team before, then when I click the Honeycomb logo in the upper left, then the home screen is dying to give me my API key, it wants the data so much. Or, I can always go to the team settings by clicking on my name or picture in the bottom left and choosing Team Settings.

Here’s one API key. I could copy it and use it. Or, I can create a new one, and give it a name that tells future me where it’s about to be used. I need my API key to have “Send Events” and “Create Dataset” permissions. These others I can uncheck if I want to. Save that, and then click this button to copy the new API key. I am ready to go.