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Observability for Large Language Models - Understanding & Improving Your Use of LLMs

Unlock the future of LLM development with Honeycomb:

  • Solve user experience issues in LLM-based applications with real-world usage data.
  • Understand how generative AI introduces powerful, but often unpredictable, new experiences to your users.
  • Analyze accuracy, quality, and performance to dive deep into your LLM’s execution.

Downoad the definitive playbook on understanding and improving your use of LLMs written by Honeycomb’s own Phillip Carter. Observability for Large Language Models shows you how to build a production feedback loop into your LLM development cycle to accelerate refinements and make your product successful.

Get real insights for LLM development

Leverage OpenTelemetry and Honeycomb’s observability to gather insights into user behavior, system performance, and user feedback. This data is a foundation for a fast feedback loop driven by detailed behavior from real users. Improve evaluation models for LLM-based software and refine prompts systematically to ensure reliability and prevent regressions.

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Observability for Large Language Models

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