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Tackling the Cost Complexity of Observability Tools

As today’s modern businesses rely heavily on digital services to run day-to-day operations and drive revenue, the imperative is clear—those applications must function flawlessly. Customers have no tolerance for latency, bugs, or application outages—which, in turn, has propelled the significance of observability platforms. Engineers, tasked with building and managing applications, require a comprehensive view into the health and behavior of their applications and infrastructure. This insight is crucial for swiftly identifying and addressing issues, making observability platforms invaluable.

70% of organizations successfully leveraging observability will not only reduce latency but also gain a competitive advantage in their targeted business or IT processes. However, a pressing question echoes in the observability user market: How can one harness the power of observability data for a competitive edge without incurring exorbitant costs?

In this whitepaper, you'll learn about:
  • Observability 1.0’s cost multiplier effect
    • Metrics
    • Unstructured logs
    • Structured logs
  • Unraveling the cost tangle in observability 1.0
  • The shift to observability 2.0
  • Recouping engineering time: The currency of innovation
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