How much longer can your migration wait?

How much longer can your migration wait?

How much longer can your migration wait?

It’s likely already past due, so the time to migrate is now. Are your engineers ready for a seamless migration?

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High stakes can be low stress

Whether you’re upgrading a single component or rearchitecting your entire stack, observability is essential.

  • “Soon” isn’t fast enough

    A successful migration is like swapping out an engine while the car is moving without the passengers noticing. Honeycomb’s fast feedback on live data makes the magic possible.

  • User joy is a universal language

    Technology changes rapidly, but your objective remains the same: happy users. When massive change happens overnight, Honeycomb makes sure you can still get real-time insights.

  • GPS for your migration journey

    No migration plan survives first contact with production. Assumptions are tested, priorities shift, and unknowns abound. When the unexpected happens, Honeycomb keeps you ready.

When you get your brain around tracing, it all works out once you follow some simple rules. It makes complex systems straightforward very quickly.

Nick Herring

Technical Director of Infrastructure, CCP Games

The Honeycomb difference

No news is the best news

A good migration should go undetected by your users. Service Level Objectives (SLOs) track trends to ensure that even as change happens rapidly, it’s just another day for your users.

Customize your data, not your bill

Honeycomb charges based on event volume, regardless of how many custom attributes each event contains. More metadata in your telemetry means better insight into new environments, at zero extra cost.

Observability for the whole observability team

From team leads, to hands-on developers, get a view of your migration progress and impact that the whole company can see.

Adopt new technology like an old pro

When systems change, familiar problems can have unfamiliar solutions. Honeycomb surfaces patterns hidden in countless novel interactions. Context shouldn’t require precedent.

Effective scaling requires continuous evolution

More distributed apps means more stuff to manage, upgrade, and refine. Honeycomb gives you visibility into your complex environment.

Observability powered by OpenTelemetry

Honeycomb combined with OpenTelemetry provides the data you need to track your systems before, during, and after a migration.

Eaze turned to Honeycomb for observability, deep insights, and to decrease risk on their development journey as they migrated their monolithic application to a Go microservices architecture.

  • Sent ELB data to Honeycomb and quickly uncovered low volume but persistent errors that hadn’t previously been identified.
  • Frontend and backend teams collaborated on diagnosing issues in interactions between their domains.
  • Honeycomb was used to prove the effectiveness of each stage of a high-pressure migration to executive stakeholders.
watch the webinar
watch the webinar

“Being armed with something like Honeycomb gives you the confidence to walk in that room with executives, people much closer to the money, much closer to the VCs—the pressure is a little different. The story is a little different in those rooms as opposed to engineering pressure.”

Ben Gardella, Manager of Infrastructure

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