Always Bee Tracing

At Honeycomb, we practice observability to know how our production systems are behaving in real-time. Distributed tracing is just one feature we use to solve issues fast and see what’s happening across all services. With tracing inside Honeycomb, we switch easily to different chart views – histograms, heat-maps and waterfall trace views.

We get immediate insights and learnings and can spot exactly where latency and errors may be occurring. Not only can we debug lightning fast, we also consistently understand the health of the system.

We want you to have what we have. Better understand what’s happening with your code and visualize services with tracing.

This deck was shared at a recent Always Bee Tracing workshop with an overview of tracing concepts and use cases. The deck also includes an example app to show how to use Honeycomb to track down an unexpected issue in production. For more information about tracing and how to get started, check out the e-guide: This Must Be the Trace.