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Michael Wilde

Account Executive

“Wilde” is the worlds most technical account executive. Prior to Honeycomb, Michael spent 12 years at Splunk helping build the multi-billion dollar log management/search market. Born as a UNIX admin, his career passion has been ops. He lives with his family in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, and thinks observability is going to change the entire game for us all. He loves dogs, tequila, and snowboarding.


Three Ways to Make the Most out of Honeycomb Metrics

A while ago, we added Metrics to our observability platform so teams could easily see system information right next to their application observability data—no tool...

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Surface and Confirm Buggy Patterns in Your Logs Without Slow Search

Incidents happen. What matters is how they’re handled. Most organizations have a strategy in place that starts with log searches—and logs/log searching are great, but...

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The True Cost of “Search-First” Problem-solving on Your Production Systems

The search-first problem-solving approach—meaning “open up the log search tool” (Splunk, ELK, Loggly, SumoLogic, Scalyr, etc)—is a costly and time-consuming operation during which the true...