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Nathan Lincoln

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Nathan is a backend software engineer turned SRE. They have a passion for reducing operational burden and improving the reliability of systems. Nathan lives in Madison, WI with their partner and two beautiful cats. They enjoy cooking, reading manga, and watching anime and bad reality TV.


How Honeycomb Monitors Kubernetes

While Kubernetes comes with a number of benefits, it’s yet another piece of infrastructure that needs to be managed. Here, I’ll talk about three interesting...

Service Level Objectives  

Alerting on the User Experience

When your alerts cover systems owned by different teams, who should be on call? We get this question a lot when talking about SLOs. We...

Technical Deep Dives   Dogfooding  

Scaling Ingest With Ingest Telemetry

With the introduction of Environments & Services, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the creation of new datasets. These new datasets are smaller than ones...