RUM can leave questions unanswered. Honeycomb for Frontend Observability (now in EA) doesn’t.

Visually debug with Service Map

See, filter, and immediately debug your application’s connections.

Microservices, macro view

As our applications, and the teams that manage them, grow more distributed and complex it can be difficult to track how all those disparate pieces fit together. Service Map transforms the application telemetry you already send to Honeycomb into a visual representation of each environment’s services.

As soon as you log in you’ll be able to see which services depend on each other, which are generating the most events, and which have the highest latency. Whether you’re a subject matter expert or it’s your first day on the job, you’ll be able to see what makes your apps tick at a glance.

I’ll take an OpenTelemetry-powered, dynamic service map over a static document, always. Especially when onboarding new engineers in a very fast-moving environment.

Blake Irvin

Software Engineering Operations

Zoom in and enhance

Observability isn’t just about canned insights, but the ability to ask questions of your applications. Why is Service X generating so many events? Which services are failing their SLIs? How many of my services have been migrated to our new platform?.

Honeycomb’s Service Map is designed to let you ask these questions and get answers quickly. Isolate services to inspect their dependencies, search and filter for interesting dimensions, and drill down into detailed traces to diagnose.