SLOsSuccess. Defined.

a 3-part webcast series for engineers & business

SLO Theory

Why the Business needs SLOs

Now engineering and business speak the same language. Find out why you should care, how SLOs are critical to SRE practice, & how to keep your customers happy.

Nathen HarveyDeveloper Advocate | Google
Danyel FisherPrincipal Design Researcher | Honeycomb

In this webcast we will cover:

  • SLO history and definitions
  • How Honeycomb uses SLOs
  • Our product design choices for SLOs
  • The relationship between SLOs and observability

This webcast is ideal for engineering managers, developers, SRE teams – anyone interested in observability.

What will you learn?

Get Started

Build One Simple SLO

Clover Health puts patients and care providers first. Learn how they derived their first SLO for the benefit of those who matter most - their customers.

Josh HullSite Reliability Engineering Lead | Clover Health
Nathan LeClaireSales Engineer | Honeycomb

In this webcast we will cover:

  • how data clearly defined the first SLO
  • system resiliency and reliance
  • secure tenancy for sensitive data
  • what SLOs look like in Honeycomb

This webcast is for folks facing significant infrastructure migrations, complex systems with sensitive data, or those who think observability is hard to reach.

What will you learn?

Define Success

The Right SLOs for Your Org

SLOs help you understand how your system works so that you know how to measure it. Dive deep into Honeycomb SLOs and determine the right path for your business.

Kristina BennettSite Reliabilty Engineer | Google
Liz Fong-JonesDeveloper Advocate | Honeycomb

In this webcast we will cover:

  • using data to pinpoint the right SLOs
  • configuring burn alerts
  • developing error budgets
  • what SLOs look like in Honeycomb

This webcast is ideal for SRE teams, developers, engineering managers, and DevOps practitioners.

What will you learn?

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