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VP Engineering

A former manager and engineering leader at multiple developer tools companies including Bugsnag and GitHub, Emily is passionate about building best-in-class, consumer-quality tools for engineers. She has a background in product engineering, performance optimization, client-side monitoring, and design.

Software Engineering  

Anything But Tech Debt

Engineers often feel they aren’t allowed enough time to address tech debt. Product partners wonder why engineers spend so much time working on it—or at...

Software Engineering  

On Becoming a VP of Engineering, Part 2: Doing the Job

Charity once said an off-hand sentence that became a mantra for my transition into the VP of Engineering role: “Directors run the company.” This was...

Software Engineering  

On Becoming a VP of Engineering, Part 1: The Path to VP

In February of 2020, I was promoted from Director of Engineering to Honeycomb’s first VP of Engineering. Although Charity wrote an extremely generous public announcement,...

Teams & Collaboration   Software Engineering  

An Engineering Manager's Bill of Rights (and Responsibilities)

So many of the best and most promising managers I know have left management roles for senior IC roles since 2018, and as someone who...

Operations   Observability  

Intro to o11ycast: A Human Perspective on the Role of Observability

Customer Success Engineer Emily Ashley describes her experience listening to the o11ycast backlog as part of her onboarding, and why the podcast is a great...

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Incident Review: Meta-Review, August 2020

Every once in a while, teams or systems hit an inflection point where enough things change at once and the pattern of incidents shifts. We...

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Understand Your AWS Cost & Usage with Honeycomb

First published in August 2019. AWS bills are notoriously complicated, and the Amazon Cost Explorer doesn’t always make it easy to understand exactly where your...

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Explore RubyGems data with Honeycomb

Our new public dataset is now available — use it to analyze global download traffic of all gems hosted on RubyGems! About

Product Updates  

Announcing Query Descriptions and Query Builder UI Updates

This week we're shipping a few changes to our Query Builder interface. While they may appear small, they are the first steps in a larger...

Software Engineering   Observability   Dogfooding  

Level Up With Derived Columns: Understanding Screen Size (With Basic Arithmetic)

When we released derived columns last year, we already knew they were a powerful way to manipulate and explore data in Honeycomb, but we didn’t realize just...

Product Updates  

Now with more Write Keys

Sometimes one Write Key per Team just isn’t enough. If you ever need to roll your key without dropping events, want separate keys per environment,...

Observability   Instrumentation  

Instrumenting browser page loads at Honeycomb

Update: We now have a browser js guide with practical tips on how to send browser data to Honeycomb. “Nines don’t matter if users aren’t...