Chad Malchow, VP Sales Joins Honeycomb

By Christine Yen  |   Last modified on March 17, 2020

Welcome to the Hive & Observability Community.

Though it may ultimately be remembered for a multitude of other things, for us at Honeycomb, 2019 was the Year of Observability. Observability grew from a misunderstood buzzword to a bona fide category, more customers than ever came to us looking to discuss their observability strategy, and after our latest fundraising round, it became abundantly clear that it was time to round out the go-to-market arm of our business.

To that end, we’re happy to welcome Chad Malchow to Honeycomb as our new VP of Sales. While our sales team thus far has been small but mighty, now is the time to scale our Honeycomb magic. Chad will be focused on building out the sales team, strategy, and processes, enabling more engineering teams to benefit from observability and Honeycomb.

He’s driven hypergrowth firsthand at GitLab, and built for longevity while at Return Path. His ability to speak the language of engineering teams, and his intuition for the pressures they’re under every day, will allow our team to build productive, long-term relationships with our customers. And as the world moves online and interest in observability grows globally, we look forward to extending the same level of excellent support we offer today to customers beyond the Americas.

In the words of our board member Ariel Tseitlin, “A great sales athlete like Chad is hard to find. He isn't afraid to roll up sleeves and get in to the weeds while also knowing what and how much process to build into the go-to-market engine to rapidly scale the business. I'm excited to add Chad to Honeycomb's leadership team and am eager to see what he can accomplish.”

At Honeycomb, it’s critical that each addition to our leadership also be a fit culturally. As we discussed our company values and hiring philosophy, Chad’s thoughtful contributions around management and cross-functional communication gave us confidence that his impact would be greater than simply his functional domain.

Finally—as our first distributed executive, he won’t be based at our San Francisco HQ. We look forward to drawing on his experience to level up as a distributed management team and overall as a distributed organization—a challenge that our recent move to default-WFH has made immediately relevant.

In short: welcome to the team, Chad—let’s build something great together.


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