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Christine delights in being a developer in a room full of ops folks. Before founding Honeycomb, she built analytics products at Parse/Facebook, and loved writing software to separate signal from noise. Outside of work, Christine is kept busy by her two dogs and wants your scifi & fantasy book recommendations.

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The Future of Observability is Bright as Honeycomb Announces $50M in Series D Funding

The future of observability has never been more exciting, and this latest round ensures we can continue to invest—with conviction—in improving the lives of software...

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New Honeycomb Features Raise the Bar for What Observability Should Do for You

As long as humans have written software, we’ve needed to understand why our expectations (the logic we thought we wrote) don’t match reality (the logic...


Honeycomb Cements Its Position as a Leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

Honeycomb ruffled the first of many feathers nearly seven years ago when we coined the term “observability” in talking about production code. Today, we get...


How Honeycomb Is Using $50M in New Funding to Bring Observability to All

Today, we announced that Honeycomb has raised $50M in Series C funding, in a round led by Insight Partners and joined by all existing investors...

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A New Approach to Metrics

Today at o11ycon+hnycon—right now, actually, if you’re reading this blog when it was posted—we’re announcing several new Honeycomb features during the keynote. Our industry and...


Honeycomb Raises $20M to Define the Future of Observability

I'm delighted to announce that Honeycomb has raised $20M in Series B funding, led by Growth, with participation from existing investors Scale Venture Partners,...

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The Future of Developer Careers

While JavaScript frameworks come and go, a change has been brewing over the last several years that will permanently change what it means to be...


Sharing Context Across Space and Time: Honeycomb for Teams

When Charity and I started pitching Honeycomb, we had a “bit” we would do, on the importance of building for teams: I’d identify her as...


Chad Malchow, VP Sales Joins Honeycomb

Welcome to the Hive & Observability Community. Though it may ultimately be remembered for a multitude of other things, for us at Honeycomb, 2019 was...

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Reflections on Monitorama 2019

This year was my third in a row attending (and now speaking at!) Monitorama. Because the organizers do a great job of turning introverts into...

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Get Observability for Your Mobile Apps with Honeycomb

If you think about it, mobile apps are among the production services most in need of real observability: nearly countless hardware platforms and operating systems...

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How Honeycomb Uses Honeycomb Part 8: A Bee's Life

This post continues our dogfooding series from How Honeycomb Uses Honeycomb, Part 7: Measure twice, cut once: How we made our queries 50% faster…with data....

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Save Useful Queries with Honeycomb Playlists

Update: this feature is now called Boards but functions the same way–check out “Sharing Honeycomb queries is even better with Boards” for the details Here...

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Tell me more, nginx

When the cool kids talk about interesting log data, no one seems to want to talk about nginx. Web servers are the workhorses of the...

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How Honeycomb Uses Honeycomb, Part 3: End-to-End Failures

At Honeycomb, one of our foremost concerns (in our product as well as our customers’) is reliability. To that end, we have end-to-end (e2e) checks...

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