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Principal Product Manager

Phillip is a Product Manager by day, and OSS developer in the evenings. He’s been working on developer tools and experiences his entire career, building everything from compilers to high-level IDE tooling. Now, he’s working out how to give developers the best experience possible with observability tooling. When not at the computer, you can find Phillip on a mountain hiking or snowboarding, and increasingly in the water doing other board-related sport activities.


Three Properties of Data to Make LLMs Awesome

Back in May 2023, I helped launch my first bona fide feature that uses LLMs in production. It was difficult in lots of different ways,...


Action Recommended: OpenTelemetry HTTP Attributes Breaking Changes

Earlier this year, the folks working on OpenTelemetry launched an effort to stabilize HTTP Semantic Conventions. In November 2023, OpenTelemetry announced that HTTP Semantic Conventions...

Observability   LLMs  

So We Shipped an AI Product. Did it Work?

Like many companies, earlier this year we saw an opportunity with LLMs and quickly (but thoughtfully) started building a capability. About a month later, we...


Automatic Instrumentation for OpenTelemetry Go

The OpenTelemetry Go project now supports automatic instrumentation via eBPF! This is a big milestone for the project and makes it significantly easier to generate...

Software Engineering   LLMs  

Improving LLMs in Production With Observability

In early May, we released the first version of our new natural language querying interface, Query Assistant. We also talked a lot about the hard...

Software Engineering   LLMs  

All the Hard Stuff Nobody Talks About when Building Products with LLMs

There’s a lot of hype around AI, and in particular, Large Language Models (LLMs). To be blunt, a lot of that hype is just some...

Product Updates  

Observability, Meet Natural Language Querying with Query Assistant 

Engineers know best. No machine or tool will ever match the context and capacity that engineers have to make judgment calls about what a system...


OpenTelemetry Roundup for Kubecon EU

We’re in Amsterdam for the week of Kubecon EU. Come by our booth to learn more about how you can gain complete observability into your...

Product Updates   OpenTelemetry  

OpenTelemetry 2022 Holiday Goodie Bag

We here at Honeycomb really like OpenTelemetry and goodie bags, so we have a nice little OpenTelemetry-flavored holiday goodie bag to share with you before...

Product Updates   OpenTelemetry  

Get More Out of OpenTelemetry With Honeycomb's Latest Updates

Just a few short months ago, we talked about a bunch of updates to Honeycomb’s support for OpenTelemetry. To the surprise of no one, we’ve...

OpenTelemetry   Observability  

Getting Started with OpenTelemetry: Three Companies Check Into OTel Observability

Learn how Jimdo, Upgrade, and Campspot benefited from OpenTelemetry, whether in improved performance, or by avoiding vendor lock-in....


OpenTelemetry Logs, OpenTelemetry Go, and the Road Ahead

We’ve got a lot of OpenTelemetry-flavored honey to send your way, ranging from OpenTelemetry SDK distribution updates to protocol support. We now support OpenTelemetry logs,...

Observability   Conferences & Meetups  

Top Takeaways from Monitorama 2022

Two of our folks went to Monitorama 2022, and they gleaned a few pearls of wisdom they'd love to share with you, including an unexpected,...

Observability   Featured  

An Observability Guide From Someone with a Precarious Grasp on the Topic

I’m Phillip, a product manager here at Honeycomb. After eleven-ish months of working on our product, I totally understand observability, right? ...Kinda? Sorta? Maybe? I'm...


Honeycomb OpenTelemetry Distro for Java reaches 1.0 release

Today, the Honeycomb OpenTelemetry Distribution for Java reaches a major milestone with a 1.0 release. This is the first Honeycomb OTel Distro to come out...

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