Honeycomb Beelines:
your fastest path to observability

Beelines understand the standard packages you’re using, and instrument them automatically to send useful events to Honeycomb. Paste in a few lines of provided code and you're set.

Honeycomb Beeline for Node.js

Honeycomb Beeline for Go

Honeycomb Beeline for Python

Honeycomb Beeline for Ruby

Honeycomb Beeline for Rails

& more on the way - contact us for specific requests

breaking down with a heatmap

Ship code faster, test in production.

Beelines create events for common types of applications automatically and send them to Honeycomb. They offer hassle-free, immediate observability so you can ship your code right away and know what it's doing in production.

All the observability and none of the drudgery

Don't like to do boring, repetitive instrumentation tasks? You don't have to. Beelines handle all the basics so you can focus on fit and finish.

Start with the automatic baseline that Beelines offer, then layer on your own custom fields as desired to get a clearer view into your application's behavior.

Beelines also include trace fields so you can explore even more deeply with Honeycomb Tracing(Tracing data is coming to the Honeycomb Beeline for Rails soon.)

contents of a sample event