Exciting releases, boring deploys

Exciting releases, boring deploys

Exciting releases, boring deploys

Give developers the confidence to build quickly and deploy more often.

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Deliver innovation faster with less stress

By incorporating Honeycomb into the build and release process, developers have access to actionable insights that enable them to deploy stable releases quickly and often.

  • Real-time feedback on application behavior

    Granular visibility into the behavior of distributed systems before, during, and after deployments.

  • Faster incident response

    Rapid feedback loops using our industry-leading query engine combined with SLOs align service health with customer-facing expectations so you can quickly prevent or resolve complex issues fast.

  • A dynamic view of your system

    Visually correlate services and dependencies with our Service Map which gives users a filterable view of their system so developers can build with interconnectivity in mind.

The turnaround time from discovering an issue was happening to fixing the game was five to ten minutes. That wouldn’t have been possible without the visibility we had through Honeycomb.

Eric Lawless

Founder, Odyssey Interactive

The Honeycomb difference

Built for complexity

Designed for distributed systems, Honeycomb uses distributed tracing to help you quickly understand how your users experience services as they flow through your system.

Developer-first mindset

Honeycomb’s platform easily integrates with your development tools, reducing context switching and accelerating builds so you can deliver innovation quickly.

More actionable data

Honeycomb parses high-cardinality data to provide granular, queryable fields such as userID and buildID to isolate and troubleshoot complex issues.

All in on OpenTelemetry

Honeycomb’s OpenTelemetry integration and support provide developers with the insights needed to build stable releases and quickly find issues post-deploy.

Collaborative workflows

Honeycomb empowers teams to build cooperatively, making development cycles run more efficiently and post-deployment troubleshooting more effective.

Innovation for everyone

Whether you’re a new hire or legacy expert, Honeycomb’s visualization features make building and deploying new code accessible to all levels of developers.

HelloFresh needed to reduce production friction across a large number of separate development teams. By introducing observability with Honeycomb, HelloFresh was able to drastically cut the number of individual tools their platform teams were using and accelerate deployments.

  • Replaced Graylog, Prometheus, StatsD, InfluxDB, Grafana, Jaeger, and Cassandra with single Honeycomb solution.
  • Reduced cost and time spent on maintenance for tools that became obsolete once Honeycomb was introduced.
  • Simplified production process and decreased developer friction with SLOs.
read the case study
read the case study

“From a product development perspective, they have been able to reduce the number of tools needed, and that simplicity lets us move faster.”

Renato Todorov, VP of Engineering

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