The buzz continues! Join Honeycomb for part two of our roadshow: Melbourne, London, NYC, and SF.

Observability that helps solve problems you couldn’t before

Answer novel questions about your ever-evolving cloud applications.
Honeycomb enables you to deploy confidently and resolve incidents faster.

Make your costs predictable

Unlike legacy metrics and monitoring tools, Honeycomb enables engineers to capture unlimited custom attributes for debugging with no impact on your spend. Simply pay by event volume—not number of seats, servers, or fields—solving the tradeoff between system visibility and cost.

Resolve incidents faster

Unlike tools that silo your data across three ‘pillars,’ Honeycomb unifies logs, metrics and traces into a single data type. Combined with a powerful query engine, this enables engineers to investigate from one UI to get answers—fast.

  • Distributed Tracing: Rely on Honeycomb traces as your only debugging tool, consolidating logs and metrics use cases into one workflow.
  • Intelligent data sampling: Reduce your spend without sacrificing critical debugging data.
  • Debuggable Service Level Objectives: Honeycomb SLOs go beyond metrics to reveal your underlying event data, giving you a fuller picture of incident severity.

Improve engineering efficiency

Honeycomb’s unique database architecture returns queries in seconds, revealing critical issues that logs and metrics alone can’t see. It’s the fastest way for engineers to find and fix issues.

  • OpenTelemetry: Honeycomb supports and contributes to OTel, and provides OTel SDKs for popular languages to help you start sending data directly to Honeycomb.
  • BubbleUp: Automatically compare every attribute on millions of requests to reveal anomalies on any heatmap or query visualization.
  • Service Map: View and explore your system’s interconnected dependencies. Filter down to ask nuanced questions of system architecture.


More collaborative engineering teams

Honeycomb enables every engineer, no matter how tenured, to make data-driven decisions about their code and tie their work to value. Developers can deploy more confidently, more often and more predictably.

  • Unlimited seats: Honeycomb costs don’t increase as you add seats or fields, so anyone can measure what’s most useful—without asking permission from the team owning the bill.
  • AI-powered query assistant: Ask questions of your systems in plain English, and Honeycomb will generate and run a query for you.
  • Slack integration: Simplify triage by unfurling Honeycomb graphs directly into Slack, where your team is already working.