Simple Pricing
That's Easy to Manage and Scale

Pricing is based on Events Per Month (EPM) or Events Per Year (EPY).
All plans include unlimited users, unlimited services, and
unlimited data storage with 60-day retention.

No hidden fees! What you see is what we charge.
Get two months free with an annual Pro subscription.



  • Tracing ?
  • 2 Triggers ?
  • BubbleUp ?
  • Activity & team history ?
  • Permalinks to all queries ?
  • Slack integration for queries & traces ?
  • Agents, SDKs, and Beelines ?
  • 20M EPM ?
  • Honeycomb Pollinators Slack Community
Start FREE PLANGet Free Features


Starts at $100/month
or $1,000/year

  • All Free features, plus:
  • Unlimited triggers ?
  • SSO (Single Sign-On)
  • Select your event volume tier
    • 100M EPM ?
    • 450M EPM ?
    • 1,500M EPM ?
  • Monthly or annual subscription
  • All Free support, plus:
  • Chat & Email Support
  • Next business day response time
Start FREE 14-DAY TRIALTry All Enterprise Features


Starts at $24,000/year

  • All Pro features, plus:
  • Service Level Objectives (SLOs) ?
  • Secure Tenancy ?
  • Set your own event volume
    • Grow EPY to fit your needs
    • Event volume discounts
    • Scale to any workload
  • Annual subscription
  • All Pro support, plus:
  • Guided onboarding
  • 2-hour response time
  • Dedicated Customer Success team
CONTACT SALESDemos & more info
"Thank you for the new pricing changes. This makes it easier to explain to people."
Martin Thwaites
Independent Software Consultant
"These new plans look great. It makes so much sense. Storage is cheap and network/compute is expensive. Counting events vs GB, you want users to stuff all the data into their events so they can get the most out of it."
Julian Simioni
Founder, Geocode Earth
"Congrats! It’s really awesome how this solves the “it’s hard to predict how many GB I’ll send”, “It’s hard to find out what’s sending too much”, “It’s hard to predict how much retention I’ll get”, problems in one fell swoop!"
Matt Button
Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Geckoboard
"The best thing about the simplified pricing is that it reduces the number of volume metrics we had to think about from two (GB ingest per month and GB storage) to one measure (events per month). Events per month is something we can monitor usage of much more easily than GB ingest (which could sometimes blow up and be difficult to troubleshoot why), and thanks to Honeycomb's support for per-event sample rates, we can collect just the information that gives us incremental value, none that doesn't, and make much more efficient use of our volume metric."
Spencer Wilson
Senior Software Engineer, Optimizely
"The Usage page is A LOT simpler, and the daily event traffic graph is very clearly showing I’m sending more than what I need to be. The per-dataset breakdowns very clearly show me which dataset is getting all the [mh]oney so I know who to talk to!"
Ryan Ordway
DevOps Engineer, Oregon State University
"The big thing that I’m excited about is having 60 days of retention: we were keeping our retention VERY small to meet our budget before, and now we can get a lot more value in looking back at our previous data. I’m also excited about burst protection: we ran into a couple of days where we were eating up ingest bandwidth for a day or two and did not understand why."
"The new Usage page is exceptionally clean and informative. Being able to differentiate event traffic by dataset allows us to understand our enterprise consumption quickly and accurately. We have not encountered rate limits nor burst protection yet, but having this detail available to us will be valuable during peak periods."
Josh Hull
SRE Lead, Clover Health
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