Honeycomb is flexibly priced for you to adjust based on services managed and your observability needs. Calculate based on daily ingest data volume multiplied by storage capacity, which is dependent on your data retention timeframes.

Choose the plan that is right for you and adjust as you grow. See FAQs below the table and contact us for any questions.






STARTS @ $24,000/YEAR

Unlimited UsersYesYesYes
Share query results to Slack YesYesYes
Activity and Team HistoryYesYesYes
Permalinks to Query ResultsYesYesYes
Agents, SDKs, Beelines, etc YesYesYes
Secure TenancyYes
SupportCommunity SlackPrivate & Comm. Slack, Chat & Email Support (M-F 9AM-6PM PT) w/2hr. response Private & Comm. Slack, Chat & Email Support (M-F 9AM-6PM PT) w/2hr. response
Side-by-side onboardingYes
Team TrainingsYes
Observability expert consultingYes


Are plans monthly or annual?
Plans can be monthly or annual for Professional self-serve. Annual plans have a built in discount of 20% over month-to-month plans.

Do you meter anything besides storage?
There are soft limits on the number of events per second you can ingest. We’ve set this amply high (in the many thousands) so we rarely encounter limits. But if you think you will reach limits, we’re happy to create a custom plan.

Do you invoice?

What kind of payments do you accept?
ACH, checks, and credit cards.

How long are my events retained?
You have total control.

Example 1: if you generate events that are 1KB in size at the rate of 50 events/sec then you’ll get 5 GB / 50 KB = 100,000 seconds = ~27.8 hours = just over one full day of retention.

Can we have a custom plan with different events/sec and storage limits?
Absolutely – let’s talk.

Is there a separate charge for Honeycomb Tracing?
No, Tracing capabilities are in the core Honeycomb product.

How much storage do traces (and spans) consume?
Traces work just like any events ingested to Honeycomb: the content of the spans and any associated metadata determine how much storage is used.

Do you offer increased security or an on-premise option?
Honeycomb Secure Tenancy offers two options to address your security/compliance requirements while delivering access to the fine-grained data observability requires. Both options make use of a Honeycomb Secure Proxy running in your infrastructure. No plaintext data ever traverses Honeycomb’s infrastructure and the Honeycomb UI presents complete transparency to authorized members of your team. You have complete control of key rotation and reissuance down to the columnar level from within your own infrastructure.

With Event Encryption, your datasets are encrypted and the keys are stored in a database on the Secure Proxy running in your infrastructure. When an authorized user accesses Honeycomb, their web browser connects to the Secure Proxy directly and the data is unencrypted for them. Honeycomb infrastructure never has access to the sensitive data in plaintext.

With Event Hashing, your datasets are hashed and the hash mappings are stored in a database on the Secure Proxy running in your infrastructure. When an authorized user accesses Honeycomb, their browser sends the hashed data to the Secure Proxy running in your environment and receives the un-hashed data back. Again, no plaintext data reaches the Honeycomb infrastructure.

Do you sign DPAs?
Yes for annual contracts. For monthly self-serve accounts, the customer signs Honeycomb’s DPA.

How do you price? (do you price per gb? What do you get for $70/month? what factors make that price go up? What’s your pricing model?)
Factors that affect pricing are: – increased data volumes ingested daily; – increased number of days to retain the data; increase in overall GB of data stored. Honeycomb charges $70 per GB per month. As volume increases, we provide discounts on a sliding scale. Contact us to learn more.

We’re looking to stream X GB/day to store for X days. What would the price be for that? (what price range I could expect for our use case here.)
We offer price breaks on larger data volumes and this is on a sliding scale.

Technical details behind pricing: around compression, how we measure volume/storage for licensing (e.g. is it the incoming JSON or size on disk)?
Technical details behind Honeycomb’s pricing plans are based on volume of data ingested daily which Honeycomb incurs on bandwidth costs from our cloud provider, AWS. The daily data volume is then multiplied by GBs of data stored on disk in AWS, which is deduced by your configuring the data retention timeframe (typically days).