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Customer Architect

Mike enjoys solving problems and has made a career chasing that reward trigger. By being a generalist and working with many industries, Mike brings empathy for an organization’s struggles and blends their old ways with newer, better ways of working. By focusing on learned helplessness and reinterpretation of policies from first principles, legacy companies can take huge strides forward. Outside of work, funny things are the best things. Mike is always looking for shows, movies, books, plays, pet, and kid activities that bring amusement.

OpenTelemetry   Instrumentation  

Avoid Stubbing Your Toe on Telemetry Changes

When you have questions about your software, telemetry data is there for you. Over time, you make friends with your data, learning what queries take...


Defensive Instrumentation Benefits Everyone

A lot of reasoning in content is predicated on the audience being in a modern, psychologically safe, agile sort of environment. It’s aspirational, so folks...


Simplify OpenTelemetry Pipelines with Headers Setter

In telemetry jargon, a pipeline is a directed acyclic graph (DAG) of nodes that carry emitted signals from an application to a backend. In an...

Software Engineering   OpenTelemetry  

Rescue Struggling Pods from Scratch

Containers are an amazing technology. They provide huge benefits and create useful constraints for distributing software. Golang-based software doesn’t need a container in the same...

Tracing   OpenTelemetry  

Infinite Retention with OpenTelemetry and Honeycomb 

Honeycomb is massively powerful at delivering detailed answers from the last several weeks of system telemetry within seconds. It keeps you in the flow state...


How Metrics Behave in Honeycomb

Honeycomb has the ability to receive events from application. These events can take the shape of Honeycomb wide events, OpenTelemetry trace spans, and OpenTelemetry metrics....


Exotic Trace Shapes

OpenTelemetry and Beelines were designed with assumptions about the types of traffic that most users would trace. Based on these assumptions, web application and API...

OpenTelemetry   Observability  

What Is a Telemetry Pipeline?

In a simple deployment, an application will emit spans, metrics, and logs which will be sent to and show up in charts. This works...

Observability   Connectors & Integrations  

Honeycomb, Meet Terraform

The best mechanism to combat proliferation of uncontrolled resources is to use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to create a common set of things that everyone...