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Honeycomb on AWS

AWS is always innovating and delivering new services, which means more production data about your systems and user experience. Through our integrations with AWS, you can use Honeycomb’s event-based telemetry model and powerful query engine to ingest and analyze your data across billions of rows, thousands of fields, multiple services and multiple data types. You are able to find hidden patterns, resolve issues faster, and optimize systems better.

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Honeycomb is Available on The AWS Marketplace

Purchase Honeycomb through the AWS Marketplace to make getting started with observability faster and easier by using the AWS Marketplace Standard Contract and AWS’ billing and EDP credits. See our marketplace page or explore a Marketplace Private Offer with our sales team.

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Observability Works Best on AWS

Conference Talk

June 10, 2021

How Tracing Uncovers Half-truths in Slack’s CI Infrastructure

Frank Chen shares how traces gave us a critical and compounding capability to better understand where, when, how, and why faults occur for our customers in CI. We share how shared tooling for high-dimensionality event traces (using SlackTrace and SpanEvents) could significantly increase our velocity to diagnose code in flight and to debug complex system interactions. We go from stories with early incidents that motivated further investment throughout Slack’s internal tooling teams to stories about gains in performance and resiliency throughout our infrastructure.



February 20, 2020

SEDNA’s Product Team Reduces Reliance on Internal Team Knowledge with Honeycomb

SEDNA's Product team wanted to consolidate and bring consistency to their monitoring and alerting. Incident response relied too much on team-member's knowledge, and that didn't work so well when they went on vacation. Consolidating all that experience inside a reliable tool like Honeycomb, that resolved long-standing tickets which helped customers and unburdened the team, was the result SEDNA needed.



January 22, 2019

Gamers Won't Wait: Dead By Daylight Gets Some Sweet Attention

The team at BHVR use Honeycomb to troubleshoot performance issues in production and are able to identify the source of latency across multiple third-party services running Node.js on AWS.