Honeycomb Beta Program

We’re making our private beta program a bit more public!

All Honeycomb users (and future users) are welcome to sign up to be part of our evolution by testing out–and helping us set product direction for–new features. The only requirement is to be an active user.

honeycomb beta program
honeycomb security

Secure Proxy

What we’re calling the “Secure Proxy” for now is a bit of software you run and control that provides users with strict requirements around data tenancy or encryption with a way to meet those requirements but still get all the advantages of highly-performant queries on high-cardinality data with Honeycomb.

  • No plaintext event data ever sent to Honeycomb (you have options!)
  • Restrict access to users within your network boundaries

This feature is being developed in concert with early Honeycomb users with various data compliance requirements.

honeycomb cold storage

Cold Storage

What we’re calling “Cold Storage” for now is an extension to Honeycomb’s event storage system for users who want to retain event data for longer periods but don’t need that older data to be “hot” in terms of query performance.

  • Larger storage tier for older event data
  • Tradeoff for slower query performance against that data

This feature is being developed in concert with users who want historical analysis of event data, or who want to bring long term event storage use cases to Honeycomb.