Honeycomb Contract Limits FAQ

How do storage limits work in Honeycomb?

When you become a Honeycomb customer, you sign a contract specifying a certain amount of storage available for your data.

Your contract’s storage limits represent the GB available to your Team account overall, which must be greater than or equal to the sum of GB allocated across all Datasets within your Team. Your account is considered to be experiencing a “storage overage” if your Storage allocations exceed the limit specified in your contract.

For example, if your contract specified 30GB Storage: if you have two datasets each with 20GB of  Storage, your account would be marked as incurring a storage overage, because the sum of your two dataset allocations are over your contract (20GB + 20GB > 30GB).


What notifications will I receive about my account’s activity?

Team Owners will now receive notifications:

  • Upon creation and deletion of datasets
  • When the next created dataset will contribute to exceeding the number of GB specified on your plan
  • When the number of GB allocated across all datasets exceeds the number of GB specified on your plan


What will happen when I incur a storage overage?

If the number of GB allocated across all datasets exceeds the number of GB specified on your plan, your team will enter a 9-day grace period during which you’ll have the opportunity to correct the overage within your Usage Center or upgrade within your Billing Center.

Beyond the 9-day grace period, your team will be prevented from querying recently-created datasets. Query lockout will occur one dataset at a time, in order from newest to oldest, until the number of accessible GB is under your plan’s limit.

No data loss will occur. Your data will still be ingested and processed, and previously-run permalinks will always be accessible; new queries will simply be blocked until a team owner adjusts dataset allocations or upgrades the existing plan.


What are my options for correcting an overage?

Team Owners may use the Usage Center to reallocate storage limits across datasets, decreasing storage limits until the sum of dataset allocations is within your contract’s limits.

If you need more capacity, please visit your Team’s Billing Center or contact sales@honeycomb.io