RUM can leave questions unanswered. Honeycomb for Frontend Observability (now in EA) doesn’t.

Observability built for
enterprise engineering teams


The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of Honeycomb

Engineering teams want to adopt observability and Honeycomb, but can struggle to demonstrate the value to budget holders. This TEI study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Honeycomb, found that organizations that choose Honeycomb experience the following benefits:

296% ROI

After three-years

<6 months

Break-even point into implementation


Cost savings from faster incident response and incident prevention

$4.43M NPV

After three years

Risk-free migration

Platform migrations are scary—but Honeycomb leverages strategies to de-risk your migration and onboard your organization in days.

Easy adoption

With its intuitive UI, Honeycomb is easily used by engineering and product teams. Onboard your entire organization without paying for extra seats.

Predictable costs

Honeycomb’s pricing model is event-based, which means you don’t pay extra per pod, node, server, or seat—ideal for enterprise-level organizations with large teams.

Secure your data with Honeycomb

We know how important it is to keep your data secure. We leverage various measures to ensure data security. Read more in our documentation.

Additionally, we are certified with the following compliance frameworks:

Robust onboarding process with quick time to value

Our onboarding process is more than just a series of steps—it’s a white-glove experience, designed to de-risk your migration and extract maximum value from day one. We provide personalized attention and support, ensuring that every aspect of your transition is smooth and efficient. Our how-to technical workshops offer hands-on guidance, empowering your team to fully leverage our platform’s capabilities.

Our customer success managers will guide you through your onboarding experience. We tailor our approach to meet your specific needs and goals, ideally achieving a 30–90 day time to value. But our commitment doesn’t end there—our partnership is built to last. We’re not just a vendor; we’re dedicated to your success for the long haul. Read more about a typical onboarding process from the perspective of a technical customer success manager.

Honeycomb’s dedication to our success is crystal clear through their hands-on approach, continuous support, and unwavering commitment to delivering tangible value.

This partnership epitomizes a collaborative approach in supporting our goal of advancing observability practices to new heights.

Tyler Kron

Director of Software Engineering



Bogged Down by Tooling Costs? Read the Whitepaper: The Cost Crisis in Metrics Tooling

Download our free whitepaper, written by Charity Majors, to read about the cost crisis in metrics tooling. You’ll learn:

How costly an example metric is, by calculating its footprint

Why costs are hard to predict, and harder to connect to value

How the observability cost model is different

And more…

Improve engineering efficiency

Honeycomb’s observability platform lets engineers focus on the most important reliability work while easy-to-grasp visualizations help new engineers quickly gain context on system architectures.

Mitigate operational risk

A reactive engineering culture can result in unplanned downtime, deployment delays and rollbacks, and unhappy customers. Honeycomb allows engineers to find issues before customers do and reduce the risk of reputational damage and churn.

Confidently drive innovation

Honeycomb helps engineers answer the question, “How is my software doing, and who is struggling with it?” Armed with this information, engineers can confidently ship the features that they know will impact customers most.

Powered by AI

BubbleUp, our machine learning-assisted anomaly detection tool, and Query Assistant, our generative AI querying tool, enable all developers—no matter their skill level—to debug complex systems.

Built for OpenTelemetry

Honeycomb is a leader of the OpenTelemetry project, a vendor-agnostic observability framework that enables teams to instrument, collect, and export rich telemetry data.

Experience full-stack observability

Honeycomb provides observability into both frontend and backend, allowing for rapid debugging of complex systems without needing to switch between multiple tools.

Trusted by analysts

For two years in a row, Honeycomb has been named a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability.

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