Honeycomb OpenTelemetry Collector Demo

In this video we demonstrate the OpenTelemetry Collector and it's new Honeycomb exporter functionality using Hipster Shop (a microservices demo from Google) and Kubernetes

APM has never been more clear

Observe production in high-resolution. Debug like a champ. Improve the feedback loop. Own your software. Join Nathan for a tour of Honeycomb.

What is Honeycomb?

Honeycomb delivers real-time analytics for DevOps and SRE teams to better understand production systems. Instrument your logs to gain Observability. Guess less & know more.

What is Honeycomb's BubbleUp?

A single event, such as a front end service call, can have hundreds of fields attached to it, reporting everything from the specific SQL query that was executed, to the User Id of the caller, to which node handled the request. When there's a problem, which field has the clue? BubbleUp analyzes behind-the-scenes identifying the most likely fields that show what's causing outlying behaviors.

How does Tracing work in Honeycomb?

With Distributed Tracing, quickly troubleshoot and understand how your distributed systems behave in production.

Query Interface Demo

Debugging Production with the Query Interface

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