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How to Effectively Lead High Performing Engineering Teams in 2022 with RedMonk and Honeycomb


What are the foundational elements of a high-performance engineering team? Better yet, what even defines “high-performance” in the world of engineering and DevOps? While there’s no silver bullet, a few common threads make up the fabric of engineering teams that set the standard for velocity, quality, and innovation.

RedMonk’s James Governor (Co-founder and Analyst) and Honeycomb’s Charity Majors (Co-founder & CTO) discuss what it takes to be the best of the best, based on their own experience and their engagement with modern engineering teams across the globe. You’ll walk away with practical steps to improve your team’s performance in 2022.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

- How to release faster with less risk
- Different engineering org structure patterns and their pros and cons
- How to make being on-call suck less for your team
- The emerging cloud trends that you should be paying attention to
- What telemetry tech debt to bite off that the future you will thank you for