Webinars OpenTelemetry Instrumentation

Using OpenTelemetry With Honeycomb


Instrumenting your apps to emit telemetry is a foundational requirement for observability. But that instrumentation can present an immediate barrier to entry if your particular language or framework isn’t supported, or if you’ve already invested time to adopt one vendor’s telemetry libraries and decide you want to try a different solution. You shouldn’t be locked into using specific vendor tools for something as fundamental as code instrumentation. OpenTelemetry (or OTel) is an open-source project that provides tools, APIs, and SDKs that let you instrument your applications once and send your telemetry data to any tool of your choice.

At Honeycomb, we believe the value you get from observability isn’t about the data itself, it’s about your ability to analyze that data effectively. We actively contribute to and support the OpenTelemetry project because we believe instrumentation should be table stakes, easy, and so commonplace that it’s almost boring. In order to get there, we must build for a future where OpenTelemetry is the de facto standard for instrumentation.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

- What OpenTelemetry is, how it makes instrumenting your code easier, and why it should be a key part of your observability strategy
- The various ways you can use OpenTelemetry with Honeycomb
- How Honeycomb OTel Distros can jumpstart your instrumentation experience
- What to expect from Honeycomb and OpenTelemetry going forward