Visualize to Investigate

See Your World More Clearly

The first step to solving a problem is identifying it. The hard part is knowing which part of the code is causing the problem .

Honeycomb’s rich set of visualization features bring the data you need to the forefront so you can move quickly to resolving the issue.

Investigate system performance by any axis to fix latency issues and improve overall speed. Isolate signal from noise and dive deep into tracking down problems with Honeycomb’s interactive visual charts ranging from histograms to line graphs and heat-maps.

Visualization is key to complex analysis

BubbleUp - Surface Important Details Automatically

Honeycomb’s BubbleUp feature uniquely detects outliers, compared to the baseline and speeds up debugging by showing you potential places to look for signal within your data.

BubbleUp shows you which fields or dimensions are the most obvious best next steps in your investigation, automatically.

What took hours or even days can take minutes or seconds giving you valuable time back. The result – happy teams and even happier customers.

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"We felt confident cutting over in much faster cycles, almost all at once, because we knew we'd see anything wrong immediately, in real-time—AND we'd be able to dig into it and find the root cause in minutes."

Dev, Operations and SRE Teams Working Together

Spot What's Heating Up

One of the most powerful features of Honeycomb is the ability to break down a calculation into groups based on values in columns. Heatmaps are the perfect way to scroll through and see what pops into view.

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Go Deep with Tracing

See individual traces to deeply understand request execution.Break down, filter, and aggregate trace data to uncover patterns, find outliers, and understand historical trends.

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Mark Your Path

Use Markers to label external events like builds. Queries including that time period display a dotted vertical line and mouse-over message to enlighten you in the future.

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Go Ahead, Test in Production

“Trying to mirror your staging environment to production is a fool’s errand. Just give up.” There are multiple ways to test in prod, including A/B testing and canary testing. Try on a small portion of the entire user-base, so you can collect metrics before rolling the update out system-wise.

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Spooky Tales of Testing in Production

When a big incident strikes, if you haven’t been in a situation of that magnitude before, it can be easy to panic and not know what to do. First and foremost, chose a leader to coordinate the investigation into and resolution of the incident, and to manage communication with customers.

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How Does Honeycomb Compare to Metrics and Lots

We are frequently asked how we compare to what else is out there. Do these other tools offer observability? Do I need them all? What’s important? Metrics? Logs? What’s the best way to monitor application performance? Here’s the run-down, followed by some deeper discussion:

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