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George Miranda

Head of Ecosystem & Partnerships

George is a talky person that makes with the mouth words and the typey-typey. He loves bringing tools to market that improve the lives of engineers managing production systems (PagerDuty, Buoyant, Chef Software). He enjoys roaming the world in a nomad-ish fashion, small batch artisanal whiskey, and writing third-person biographies no one reads.


Using Honeycomb for LLM Application Development

Ever since we launched Query Assistant last June, we’ve learned a lot about working with—and improving—Large Language Models (LLMs) in production with Honeycomb. Today, we’re...

Product Updates  

Honeycomb’s Deployment Protection Rule for GitHub Actions

Honeycomb's Deployment Protection Rule for GitHub Actions quickly enables canary deployments by letting you use Honeycomb query results to prevent deploying to your next target...

Sampling   Observability  

Author’s Cut—A Sample of Sampling, and a Whole Lot of Observability at Scale

In this post, we’re moving from the foundations of observability to things that become critical when you start practicing observability at scale. Tools like sampling...

Product Updates   Connectors & Integrations  

New Honeycomb Integrations Let You Bubble Up Lurking AWS Issues

Today, we’re announcing the expansion of Honeycomb integrations with various AWS services. This update now covers a much wider swath of AWS services, makes it...

Tutorials   Connectors & Integrations  

Announcing New CircleCI + Honeycomb Integration Guide

If you’re writing software today, then you likely use a CI/CD pipeline to build and test your code before deploying it to production. Having a...

Tutorials   Connectors & Integrations  

Announcing New GitHub Actions + Honeycomb Integration Guide

If you build or maintain code in GitHub, the Honeycomb Buildevents Action can help you optimize the performance of your build pipelines in GitHub Actions....

Observability   Featured  

Authors’ Cut—Shifting Cultural Gears: How to Show the Business Value of Observability

How do you solve the people and culture problems that are necessary in making the shift to adopt observability practices? And once you instill those...

Product Updates   Connectors & Integrations  

Honeycomb Announces Major Updates to PagerDuty Integration

Today, we’re announcing major new updates to Honeycomb’s PagerDuty integration. These updates put more of the information you need into PagerDuty notifications and allow for...

Tutorials   Connectors & Integrations  

Tracking Core Web Vitals with Honeycomb and Vercel

Google’s Core Web Vitals (CWV) are used to rank the performance of mobile sites or pages. It’s easy to see when your CWV scores are...

Featured   Debugging  

Authors' Cut—Debugging with the Core Analysis Loop, and What to Build vs Buy

In this blog, we’ll dive into debugging with the Core Analysis Loop, the functional requirements for a backend datastore that make this possible, and whether...

Observability   Featured  

The State of Observability in 2021

Observability adoption has increased as more companies seek to understand how their applications behave in production and quickly identify and resolve problems. Our second annual...


Nine Reasons to Attend o11ycon+hnycon

You’ve probably seen the announcement about our upcoming annual conference, o11ycon+hnycon, happening June 9–10. If you’re still not registered, here’s a list of nine reasons...


Easily Debug Your AWS Lambda Functions With Honeycomb

With the Honeycomb extension for AWS Lambda, you no longer need to make your Lambda functions Honeycomb-aware. Today, AWS announced the general availability of AWS...

Product Updates  

Announcing New Honeycomb Management API

Starting today, Honeycomb's Management API is generally available to all Honeycomb users. The Honeycomb Management API is a set of endpoints that lets you programmatically...


o11ycon+hnycon Call for Presentations

In case you missed it, Honeycomb is gearing up for our conference, o11ycon. Based on your feedback, we’re also adding a new day to that...

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