Nine Reasons to Attend o11ycon+hnycon

By George Miranda  |   Last modified on May 26, 2021

You’ve probably seen the announcement about our upcoming annual conference, o11ycon+hnycon, happening June 9–10. If you’re still not registered, here’s a list of nine reasons to attend.

1. Highly interactive content

Honeycomb isn’t your typical devtool, and our events aren’t your typical events either. If you attended the last o11ycon, you know that we prize meaningful connections. No bull. Just sharp, thought-provoking, interesting chatter shared by everyone attending. This is a virtual event and the last thing anyone wants is just another Zoom meeting (though we love you, Zoom!). o11ycon+hnycon is engaging. The schedule and format should create connections and spark conversations. If what you want is a chance to connect with folks who are working on the same problems as you and a place to learn as a community, then you’ve come to the right place!

2. The Culture & Adoption track

Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist at The Duckbill Group, hosts the Culture & Adoption track. If you follow Corey on Twitter, you know his hot takes and that he’s somehow built an entire career out of poking the bear at AWS. If you don’t follow him (lucky you!), you might just do that after attending this track. Called “very funny, seriously,” by The New York Times, Corey is just what’s needed for a healthy dose of keeping it real. He’ll lead a series of fireside chats and interactive talks from (mostly) newer presenters that aren’t the same folks you hear from at every conference. Drop into this track to learn about challenges and solutions to overcoming observability adoption and culture barriers in a wide mix of settings.

3. The High-Performance Engineering track

Charity Majors is, not surprisingly, one of the few people in tech who could keep up with Corey Quinn. She’ll be hosting the High-Performance Engineering track. This track focuses on more advanced topics, with deep dives into the limits and distortions of data types and the systems they model, using OpenTelemetry in pre-production workflows, killing your staging environment, and more. You’ll probably learn a lot of different things in this track and you should drop into this one if you want to find yourself nodding and muttering lines from The Mandalorian.

4. Panels with a host of industry leaders

There’s a Panel Track hosted by yours truly. These live panels let you interact with a big mix of folks sharing insights and experiences on everything from the business value of observability, to the cloud-native ecosystem and open collaboration models in the OpenTelemetry community. Drop into this track to hear from and ask questions to folks like Dr. Nicole Forsgren, James Governor, Bryan Liles, Frederic Branczyk, Gordon Radlein, Amy Tobey, Andrew Hayworth, Austin Parker, and Liz Fong-Jones.

5. Open spaces, but fully documented

We LOVE open-space sessions in-person. So many great ideas happen in the room, but rarely do they get documented well. This year, we’re flipping the script on those with virtual open spaces. WAT?!?!?! Hear us out! This isn’t some weird, awkward Zoom meeting with strangers. We’re hosting chat-driven open spaces. Think short, time-bound, very intense conversations around a variety of topics related to observability. We’ve never seen it done this way. But we think several of you will connect with these topics and find them immensely useful.

6. Two great (but short!) keynotes

On day one (o11ycon), Charity Majors, Honeycomb Co-founder and CTO, opens the day and then hands the mic to Nora Jones, Founder and CEO of Jeli, co-author of the Chaos Engineering book, and a leader in the Chaos Engineering, Human Factors, and Site Reliability Engineering communities. Nora will share her take on the intersection between observability and these related practices.

On day two (hnycon), we venture in a new direction with a day about Honeycomb-specific solutions to observability challenges. Christine Yen, Honeycomb Co-founder and CEO, will lead an action-packed dive into what we’ve been up to at Honeycomb. You’ll want to tune in because we can’t wait to show you the things we have in store!

7. Honeycomb customer adoption stories

TWO tracks are chock full of stories from Honeycomb customers like Rich Anakor, Site Reliability Engineering Leader at Vanguard; John Casey, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat; Renato Todorov, Global VP Engineering at HelloFresh; and more. These two tracks feature real stories from our users, covering everything from lessons learned when adopting Honeycomb and overcoming cultural challenges across an entire enterprise, to refactoring monoliths and practical how-tos that can help you in your own adoption journey. Learn how companies like yours are using Honeycomb to deliver great business and customer outcomes.

8. A Honeycomb Product & Recommended practices track

In this breakout track, you’ll hear from various Honeycomb engineers as they deep dive into product features and recommended practices. There’s a lot to cover and we don’t want to spoil the fun here. But stay tuned for more news about what you should expect to see in this track.

9. The workshops

And in the tradition of saving the best for last, we also have workshops available, featuring hands-on exercises that help you practice ways to start implementing many of the solutions covered. These workshops, including the "Introduction to Observability with Honeycomb," are free to conference attendees. Check back for more news about these workshops and how to sign up for them separately from the event registration.

There’s still time to register!

Did I mention that we’re cramming that all into two half-day events? We want to make the most of your time! Thank you for considering o11ycon+hnycon. We hope you’ll join us for an action-packed set of interactive, informative, cutting-edge, and engaging content that you’ll find incredibly useful and relevant in your day-to-day work.

This is just a preview of what we’re working on. More speaker and content announcements are being made daily as we get closer to the date. Go register now! We hope to see you there.


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