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Adding Code Tags to Your OpenTelemetry Spans

One of the reasons that OpenTelemetry is great at doing this is that a lot of the common attributes you may find on a span...

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Ask Miss O11y: My Manager Won't Let Me Spend Any Time Instrumenting My Code

In the same way as the business is likely ok with you writing developer-based tests (unit, automation, integration), instrumentation is the same. The conversation we...

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Ingesting HTTP Access Logs from AppService

Debugging application performance in Azure AppService is something that’s quite difficult using Azure’s built-in services (like Application Insights). Among some of the issues are visualizations,...

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What the Hell is Activity Anyway?

Dear Miss O11y, I use .NET and I keep seeing something called `Activity` but in OpenTelemetry there is only talk about “Span” and “Trace,” why?...

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Ask Miss O11y: Is the OpenTelemetry Collector useful?

Dear Miss O11y, I’ve been told I need to use the OpenTelemetry Collector, but I have no idea what it is, or why I need...

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Ask Miss O11y: Baggage in OTel

Miss O11y is delighted to welcome our newest band member: Martin Thwaites! Martin has been a member of the Honeycomb user community practically since its...