Eaze Into Observability
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Eaze Into Observability On-Demand Webinar

On-call teams use Honeycomb’s analytics to discover exactly what is happening with code in production. While incident response is a key reason engineers rely on Honeycomb, observability also delivers unique value during the development process.

Eaze takes observability a step further and uses Honeycomb to prioritize what’s needed to stabilize their existing service while informing how they build their new Go and Node.js microservices platform at the same time.

CJ Silverio

Principal Engineer

Ben Gardella
Manager of Infrastructure

Rachel Perkins


Eaze shares their o11y journey in building a stable platform for production excellence. Find out how Eaze:

  • Uses Honeycomb to instrument code for their new service
  • Debugs existing service quickly to maintain stability & business growth
  • Builds a culture of observability for long-term success + reduced toil

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“To build in observability from the start—it’s like going from having no data to having all the data you need—then realizing we can also instrument our build systems and have even more visibility...it’s enormous.” -CJ Silverio