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How We Made Our LLM Product Useful for Everyone

Query Assistant: Honeycomb’s observability triumph 🚀

In May 2023, Honeycomb launched the experimental Query Assistant, leveraging the power of LLMs. 🧠 Initially unsure of its longevity and value, the tool quickly amassed an impressive user base. 📈 Dive into our journey as we use observability to optimize this feature like never before, with Jessitron interviewing Phillip for an insider’s view on the entire process. 🎤

What you’ll learn

  • Innovative product development: 💡 Understand how an experimental feature can evolve with the right approach and user feedback.
  • Practicing observability: 🔍 Learn how Honeycomb took observability practices to new heights with Query Assistant.
  • Insights from the frontlines: 🛠 Hear directly from our team about the challenges and triumphs of iterating a product in real time.